What You Should know about Sperm Count Tests

Further than good looks, strong physical structure and lots of female friends, many people assume that the true measure of any man is the ability to procreate. This manly potential can always be examined with a sex spouse, but such pleasurable option might not exactly be the best method especially when one is not wishing to become a father very soon. A much better alternative will be the sperm count test.

 what is the sperm count test about?

Sperm count test examines the number or concentration of sperms present in the ejaculated semen, their motility and their capability to induce being pregnant. This type of test is typically completed  to identify if the male is the problematic one in cases of unsuccessful child birth. This test may also be done to look into the efficiency of male sterility procedures such as vasectomy.

How  the sperm count test done?

The test usually involves around two  to six  milliliters of seminal fluid. Sample collection is usually done by ejaculating towards a clean container after masturbation. Alternative means of group procurement include the use of a specialized condoms called , drawback while reaching sexual orgasm and directly obtaining ejaculate from the epididymis. To understand more about sperm count test, visit http://answers.wikia.com/wiki/How_can_I_get_my_sperm_count_up .

The Sperm count app test also may be down through microscopy, wherein evaluation involves viewing the test under a microscope. Motility can be quickly regarded by visual inspection, while sperm count/concentration can be determined by viewing sperms under an analysis main grid and multiplying the measured sperm cells in given squares by a certain factor. Alternatively, the test can be achieved with chips that require three semen sample not collected on the same day. These snacks typically work by finding a certain protein that distinguishes sperms from other cells.

Apart from sperm count or focus, other important conditions are motility, vitality and morphology. Typical sperm motility or activity has a value of fifty measured during the span of 1 hour of collection. Vitality determines the percentage of living sperm cells. Morphology pertains to the condition of the sperm. Normally, a sperm cell has a smooth, oval head with a long tail linked to the distal section of the sperm head. A normal sperm fertility may be deemed useless if problem in motility, vitality or morphology is detected.

Is there need for sperm  test at home?

For a man who strongly desire to answer the fertility question independently, it is great news that you have already available user-friendly sperm test products in the online and native markets. A quantity of these tests automatically estimate the sperm count number after enough semen selections are submitted. On the other hand, there are also at-home tests that allow the user to perform some microscopy and discover for themselves the motility, viability and appearance of their sperms.